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Birthdate:Aug 23
Location:Kentucky, United States of America

AGE STATEMENT: 08/23/1988 Over 18.


Well first I would just like to say Hello! My name is Oni or Oni B or Butterfly if you're nasty. I'm a very friendly person, most of the time, unless I haven't had a cigarette or you go after someone I love or your an idiot. Add me and I will most definitely add you back! Most likely. Totally. Add me please?

I am a 20 year old bisexual who is currently in a long term relationship with a man who I affectionately call, Mr. Panda, due to his resemblance to said animal. I am, at present, an English majors with my sights set toward Law School.

I'm big on the icon thing, mainly humorous ones, and if you have any ideas that you would like done just comment or email me. I'm totally up for it. Hell, if you want any graphics that aren't icoss still comment. I'll tell you if I can do it or not! Also, I dabble in fanfiction that is of the slash variety. Hmmm slash.
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Want to contact me outside IJ? Okey Day! Feel free to add me on messenger. I like talking to people!

Yahoo: sexisbetterwithacig
AIM: ChibiKawaiVegeta
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Scrubs, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Pundits in General, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Naruto, Dragonball Z, Fairly Odd Parents, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, World of Warcraft, Boy Meets World, and Jak and Daxter.
Stewart/Colbert, Olbermann/Cooper, John O./Riggle, JD/Dr.Cox, JD/Janitor, Snape/Harry, SiriusxRemusxHarry, DracoxNeville, DracoxSirius, SiriusxRemusxHarryxSnape, KretcherxRegulas, SasukexNaruto, GaaraxLee, KisamexItachi, JirayiaxNaruto, GokuxVegeta, PiccoloxGohan, MiraiTrunksxGohan, CosmoxTimmy, CharliexWilly, Shawn/Corey, and JakxDaxter.
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  • [community profile] iam the Doctor John Dorian of InsaneJournal.
  • My [community profile] otp is Uchiha Sasuke x Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto.
  • My [community profile] otp is Perry Cox x John Dorian from Scrubs.
  • My [community profile] otp is Goku Son x Vejita from Dragonball Z.
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ides promo

[profile] ides_of_march wants you to join us for a multi-fandom posting frenzy of fic and art.
As the guidelines say... all ratings, all pairings, all fandoms are welcomed and, more importantly, wanted!

March 15th... the day fandom takes over Insane Journal!

Severus/Harry is Snarry Love

SephirothxCloud is SD-Love ♥

RikuxSora is Pure Love ★

NarutoxSasuke = Fangirl Love <3


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alan shore, amv, animation, anime, anime music, anime music videos, art, artemis fowl, axel/roxas, bad religion, bannana smoothie, batman/joker, batman/robin, bill/neville, blink-182, bob seger, boston legal, bunnies, buttons/pins, caffeine, card games, cartoons, chasity, cloud/leon, colbert report, comics, computer graphics, cooper 360, countdown w/ keith olberman, cowboy bebop, crisis core, daily show, denny crane, dir en grey, disney songs, disturbed, dogs, doujinshi, dr. pepper, draco/harry, dragonball z, dragons, egypt, england, enigma, fairly odd parents, fake, fan art, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, final fantasy, fire, fluffy mofo, foreign culture, full metal alchemist, fuushigi yuugi, gaara/lee, gackt, glasses, goku/vegeta, goo goo dolls, graphics, gravitation, green eyes, guitars, harry potter, hellsing, hentai, i am america(and so can you), icons, incense, indiana jones, inheritance series, insomnia, inu yasha, ireland, jak and daxter, jak/daxter, japan, jd/dr.cox, jd/janitor, jd/janitor/dr.cox, jonny quest, katy perry, kingdom hearts, latch pins, legend of zelda, leon/sora, manga, mario, marlboro, martial arts, metal gear solid, monty python, music, naruto, nature, nintendo, ocarinas, offspring, outlaw star, ozzy, personality quizes, pirates of the caribbean, pocky, pokémon, prince of tennis, princess mononoke, programming, ps2, psychology, qui-gon/obi-wan, ranma 1/2, raven, reading, reba, roy/ed, rpg's, rurouni kenshin, sarcasm, sasuke/naruto, sasunaru, scrubs, severus, shaman king, shonen jump, showtunes, sirius/remus, skating, slash, sleep, smoking, snake/otacon, snake/raiden, snape, snape/harry, snape/lupin, snarry, sonic the hedgehog, sony, sora/riku, square enix, star wars, stars, storms, sunglasses, sunset/sunrise, swords, tamora pierce, techno, technology, teen titans, tenchi muyo, the pillows, the sims, toothpicks, trigun, twins, video game music, video games, willy wonka, wings, wolves, world of warcraft, writing, x-men evolution, yaoi, your mom, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh, yuri
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